30 May 2010

Bermudian juggler at harbour nights May 18th, 2010

Queen's motorcade in Bermuda 2009

Some passing footage of the Queen's motorcade on her recent visit to Bermuda.

15 May 2010

Thank you Bermuda Supply for your support.

11 May 2010

Bermuda 1930 in Colour

Includes great footage of the Bermuda Railway.

09 May 2010

Sunday's Festival del Santo Cristo Procession, Bermuda

A religious festival in the Azores and the Azorean diaspora around the world held on the fifth Sunday after Easter. It began at the end of the 17th century with the fame of the miracles obtained through the intercessors of the Senhor Santo Cristo (literally Lord Holy Christ). The procession dates from that period.

In many place the streets are strewn with flowers and colorful bedspreads are hung from the buildings as decoration. The solemn rhythm of the procession is accompanied by bands as pilgrims follow the parade to seek help for the sick and needy, and to fulfill their vows at Church.

Bermuda's Turtle Tagging Project

Known worldwide. Watch for extremely cute baby turtles and a worth while environmental message.

04 May 2010

The Reality of Underage Drinking in Bermuda in 2010

Watch first part of speech.

CADA - Encouraging Responsible Alcohol Behavior.

CADA Chairman Speaks Yesterday at Hamilton Rotary

Speech continued.

Anthony Wayne Santucci is a graduate of the Bermuda College, Hotel School, and the University of New Haven, Connecticut.


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