15 July 2010

06 July 2010

Bermuda War Memorial | Request for Names

Ride The Wave | VSB News Interview

VSB News Interview with Michael Freisenbruch, Tony Brannon, Nicola Feldman (Coalition for the Protection of Children) and footage of the 'Ride The Wave' CD launch event at Gorham's Ltd. featuring, in order of appearance, Preston Swan (Prestige), Harry Dunkley (Secret Po Po), Heather Nova, Gita Blakeney, Ed Christopher (Prestige), Collie Buddz and Sheelagh Cooper (Coalition for the Protection of Children).

05 July 2010

Bermudian artist Kendra Ezeikiel

Bermudian artist Chesley Trott

Bermuda footage c.1960

Fast forward to 5:09 for Bermuda portion. It's a family home movie but some interesting footage of Front Street and hotel.


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